Guest post, Secret Santa and some Christmas fun all rolled into one

Thanks so much to Two Mums. Two Kids? for their very lovely Secret Santa gift of a guest post on our blog. And big thanks to The Adoption Social for organising the adoption bloggers Secret Santa – wouldn’t be Christmas without one.

You’ll enjoy their post – it  takes a look at how Christmas changes as our families change. And this year’s festive season sounds wonderful (happy birthday too).

Christmas past and Christmas present
by Two Mums. Two Kids?

For the past 7 or so years Laura and I have toured East Anglia on a mission to see all of our family.  We operated a rotation system for which day was spent where!  We loaded our car up with presents and usually loaded it up with even more on the way home and then merrily spent the rest of the Christmas holiday trying to find homes for all our gifts.  We spent a long time making stockings for each other and sharing in a long and lazy Christmas morning, opening presents and savouring each one.  It was a very grown up sort of Christmas, with time to fill and time to read and relax.

Last year was the strangest Christmas.  It was a Christmas without mine and Laura’s Grandmas.  Two incredibly strong and colourful women full of stories, advice, opinions and gossip.  My Grandma used to love Christmas, she was always up for a party and had a huge cupboard filled with Christmas treats which we usually never even managed to eat half of!  So there was a sad element to last year.  That combined with my birthday, meeting Squiblet for the first time, meeting Squiblet’s birth mum all led to a rather bizarre Christmas of very mixed emotions.

And here we are!  Christmas 2013, a Christmas of glitter all over the house, Christmas scented play dough, a wreath of Squiblet’s hand prints, mince pies, gingerbread men and visits to Christmas grottos, farms and Christmas trains.  The book shelf is loaded with Christmas classics, the cupboards are bursting with Christmas treats, our study is slowly filling up with presents.  And Squiblet is loving it!  That fragile, pale little person that came into our lives at the beginning of 2013 is just a memory, the reality now is an exuberant toddler who is full of laughter, scampishness, excitement and exuberance.  I love Christmas.  I turn 30 just before and it’s made me reflective.  This year I’ve been as strong as I can be, but also as fragile and vulnerable.  I’ve been more tired than I knew I could be, but also more full of energy than ever before.  And my heart has grown so that all the love I had for Laura and my family, just multiplied and now includes Squiblet. And it’s a wonderful feeling.

30s not so bad.  And it’s shaping up to be a pretty magical Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone.




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