A post from Bro – 11 years old, our birth son, fab big brother to adopted little sis.

Pancakes. Our weekend family breakfast. If they go well, we have a great weekend. But if they go bad – we have a really bad weekend.

Pancakes are the deciding food. Try them! And see what they do for you! We all like them, they bring us together – but they are still the deciding food.

I can recall both pancake scenarios – the first was great: we all gobbled down about 6 pancakes each whilst listening to Radio 2. And the other: we all got annoyed at sis’s need to have the most pancakes and how she constantly asked and checked with us to see how many pancakes we’d had – and that made the weekend extremely tricky for all of us.

Pancakes with maple syrup for me, blueberries and banana for the mo’s and honey for sis, will be for the next few years, the deciding food.



I’ve linked this post up to The Adoption Social’s link ups The Things We Do and the Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO

The Things We Do


11 thoughts on “Pancakes

  1. Vicki

    Oh my gosh, when I think about it – pancakes are a mood barometer here too. We love our pancakes, but sometimes, they just don’t turn out right do they?!

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. mumdrah

    Like the sun, family life revolves around pancakes in our house too. I think perhaps they are ‘the meaning of life’. Mx


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